A Somber Peace of Mindset

In this episode covering the holiday break, we are invited to participate in a new interactive contest, Hartley highlights the final two themes of Advent, and Kevin poses a threat with his left hand.

Show Notes: 
  • In 2024, there will be 251 trading days on the stock market in the United States. 
    • Enter our contest to predict how many all-time highs you believe will be recorded in 2024.
    • Submit your guess (i.e., "I predict there will be 112 new all-time highs.") by New Year's Day, January 1, 2024, via:
      • Email:  f.bombs@hartleywright.com
      • Spotify: Respond to the question on our episode page or in the Now Playing view on the Spotify mobile app. 
      • X: @FaithMoneyBomb
    • Updates on the actual number of all-time highs will be announced on future podcast episodes throughout 2024.
  • Books mentioned in this episode are:
    • Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.; Published by Random House; 2006; 320 pages
    • Democracy Awakening: Notes on the State of America by Heather Cox Richardson; Published by Viking; 2023; 304 pages
  • Advent:
    • Week 3: Joy  |  Scriptures: Luke 1:26-33; Isaiah 12:2-6   |   For Reflection: Journal things in your life which cause you to rejoice and thank God for those blessings. 
    • Week 4: Peace  |  Scriptures: Matthew 1:18-25; Isaiah 7:10-16   |   For Reflection: Where or from what do you need Peace in your life and what do you need to do in order to allow God to provide it? 
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