Christmas Has Its Own Rewards

Christmastime may commemorate the birth of Christ, but it can be challenging to feel his presence during the holiday. It's important to discover a practice to keep you connected with God this season. Too often, we feel hoodwinked or duped by the U.S. Congress. You deserve to hear what they are up to—and whether it will help you or hurt you.
This episode sounds a lot like Christmas. Hartley and Kevin discuss their plans for the holidays as well as mentioning treasured or terrifying holiday memories from their childhood. Hartley offers helpful information related to developing a practice of reviewing your days from a spiritual perspective and seeking God's presence in the busyness of Christmas. Kevin shares new developments occurring in an updated proposal of the Secure Act helpful for business owners, persons contributing to IRA and 401K plans, and those paying off student debt. Hartley is troubled by a new advertising campaign, and Kevin learns how to subscribe to this very podcast.

This episode is not explicit but does include approximately three minutes of bowling language.

Hartley offers an adaptation of a prayer by Howard Thurman.

The exercise for reviewing your day Hartley introduces is an adaptation of The Prayer of Examen

Podcast Hosts: Hartley Wright, Kevin Bartolacci.
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