Don't Open The Smeg

Do you want to live in a world without reward points? As promised, the team uncovers the mystery regarding the Credit Card Competition Act. Only four days into the new year, Kevin is frustrated by Congress and Hartley confesses aggravation toward people who don't open doors.
Following up on the pop-up advertising campaign which stirred Hartley's curiosity kicks off this episode. Although he lacks much support, Senator Rick Durbin is focused on regulating credit cards. You might be surprised to learn how similar legislation enacted twelve years ago has already impacted your banking practices. Kevin expresses his own frustration with the legislative process, namely its struggle to declare a Speaker of the House which had not been accomplished at the time this podcast episode was recorded. Reflecting on the loss of Hartley's brother, Kevin and Hartley call attention to the spiritual practice and importance of being fully present each and every day.

Podcast Hosts: Hartley Wright, Kevin Bartolacci.
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