Funeral for a Delayed Episode with guest Masood Heidari

Columbia's Woodcrest Chapel Pastor Masood Heidari joins Hartley and Kevin in a discussion about Worship and Hope, Islam and Christianity, Death and Funerals and the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship. Masood was born and raised in Abadan, Iran and moved to the United States as a University Student during a critical and pivotal time in Iran's history. He has served on the staff of Woodcrest since 2002 and has been influential in the development of the church's emotional health and pastoral care ministries.

Show Notes:
  • To read more about the f*bomb topic discussed in the latter part of this episode, click this link: 
  • The aforementioned news story is not the same news article Kevin references as reading, but does include the information he read in a more extensive report.
  • This episode didn't expand on Hartley's stated intention to focus on Worship. This topic will be discussed in greater detail in episode 17.
The producers appreciate your patience in faithful support and express their apology for the extended delay in publishing this episode. 

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Funeral for a Delayed Episode with guest Masood Heidari
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