That Handler Looks Familiar

We wade into the zero-level entry waters of politics and discuss Congress' last gift of last year and the possible last election to come. Silence is golden when seeking to create space for God. We express the Eff-word unique to the Midwest and share a fondness for the character Buck Laughlin.
A view of the electoral college and a new release of best-selling conservative writer David Horowitz is discussed. Kevin shares some interesting provisions in the Secure 2.0 legislation including those aimed to benefit both retirement plan sponsors and their employees. Hartley addresses why faith is such a mystery and invites listeners to practice the discipline of Silence as a first step to creating space for God in our lives.

The book discussed in this episode is: Final Battle: The Next Election Could Be the Last by David Horowitz, published by Humanix Books, released January 2023, 256 pages.

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Podcast Hosts: Hartley Wright, Kevin Bartolacci.
Date of Episode Capture: January 10, 2023 
Announcer: Dr. K.J. Wright
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