You Can't Squeeze Frozen Charmin® with guest Amy Hay

Network Development Coordinator for MU Healthcare, Amy Hay, joins Hartley and Kevin as their first guest. Amy was a 1991 to 1994 MIZZOU Women's Golf Letterwinner and earned three All-Conference Big Eight selections, two top 10 individual finishes at Big Eights, and tied for 12th in the 1994 NCAA East Regional. Surprisingly, they don't talk golf. They talk pharmaceutical^ expense. They talk Boys & Girls Club.^ They talk baseball. They talk environmental, social and corporate governance. They disparage Social Security. They talk Lent, prayer and faith. Kevin is surprised to discover what Hartley and Amy have in common. Amy surprises—and impresses—with F*Bomb topics of her own.     

The Week 2 Lenten theme discussed in this episode is: Self-Denial: Setting our Minds on Things Above
Lent liturgical readings for Week 2 are: Genesis 12:1-4a | Psalm 121 | Romans 4:1-5, 13-17 | John 3:1-17 or Matthew 17:1-9

The Reflection questions Hartley presented in this episode are:
  1. What activities, behaviors and relationships are currently most distracting in my spiritual life?
  2. Which ones keep me from seeking God with all my heart?
  3. During this Lenten season, what do I need to abstain from in order to focus more fully on heavenly things? 
^ Amy Hay once worked for Forest Pharmaceuticals and is the former Resource Development Director at Boys & Girls Clubs of Columbia Missouri.

Date of Episode Capture: March 2, 2023
Podcast Hosts: Hartley Wright, Kevin Bartolacci
Special Guest: Amy Hay

Sounds by Zapsplat and SoundBible | Voiceover Credit: Dr. K.J. Wright
Podcast Theme: Catch It Music by Coma-Media from Pixabay 
Disclaimer Theme: Night Bossa by OYStudio from Pixabay 

The Week 3 Lenten theme which will be discussed in the next episode is: Repentance and the liturgical readings are:  Exodus 17:1-7 | Psalm 95 | Romans 5:1-11 | John 4:5-42
You Can't Squeeze Frozen Charmin® with guest Amy Hay
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